Our service to private individuals and corporations focuses on acquisition of artworks, collection management, industry and market evaluation and analysis; while to artists we aim at enhancing their profile and increasing their visibility.

our services

Private individuals

We liaise closely with the individual, whether its at the beginning of the acquisition with the first purchase or adding to an existing collection. We seek to understand the clients motivation, aesthetic tastes and budget, and match these with suitable artworks, helping to build a cohesive collection.


We provide corporate clients with custom advise on acquiring artworks, from needing pieces to adorn their office walls and public spaces to building a collection which enhances their corporate image and resonates with their corporate identity.


In supporting and guiding artists in their career development, we assist them with navigating the art market; from galleries, collectors, art fairs, museums, curators, art critics, significant exhibitions, biennials, media, artists residencies to the higher echelons of the art industry.

We Offer


  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Exhibition identification and representation
  • MediaTraining
  • International exposure, art fairs, museums
  • Potential sponsorship opportunities
  • Artists residency opportunities
  • Guidance in publishing of catalogues and monographs
  • Crafting of artists statements

Individuals and Corporates

  • Fair market value evaluation
  • Sourcing of artworks by early career to established artists
  • Value assessment and audit of current collection and cataloguing
  • Guidance with proof of authenticity and insurance valuation
  • Guidance in navigating art fairs and auction houses
  • Personalised visits to galleries, museums and artists studios
  • Coordinating framing and hanging of artwork

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